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Full Circle Chiropractic is located in New Braunfels, TX, at 1283 E Common St. Dr. Abby offers Chiropractic Care and Functional Nutrition with a heart to serve the prenatal and pediatric community.

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Meet Dr. Abby

Prenatal & Pediatric Chiropractor

Dr. Abby graduated from Palmer, Florida, in 2020. Before graduate school, she attended the University of Wisconsin Platteville and received her bachelor’s of Science in Biology. She married her high school sweetheart in 2016 and now has three boys.

Being a mom herself, she understands how important it is to find the right person to care for your family because children are the most precious thing this life can give us. She has a passion for helping mommas, babies, and families live a life where they can adapt to stressful situations through a calm and cared-for nervous system.

Dr. Abby also loves to serve women by utilizing functional nutrition with them and helping to restore function to the body, allowing it to be sustained the way God intended.

Chiropractic Care

Dr. Abby practices gentle, nervous system-based chiropractic. The most important organ system in your body is the nervous system-it is how we perceive the world around us. It can signal distress to us in so many ways and be treated with gentle care as interferences are cleared and function is restored. Dr. Abby is Webster Certified as well as received Perinatal training through the ICPA. This makes her well versed in caring for women through pregnancy and postpartum. Chiropractic is for the whole family! Children, moms, and dads alike can all benefit from regular nervous system-based care.

Chiropractic Care Pricing



(New Patient Visit) Established Patient Visit $50

Family of 2


(New Patient Visit) Established Patient Visit $45 each

Family of 3


(New Patient Visit) Established Patient Visit $40 each

Family of 4


(New Patient Visit) Established Patient Visit $35 each

Functional Nutrition

Food is the most powerful thing we can give our bodies. Dr. Abby utilizes Food Allergy, Stool, Blood Panels, DUTCH testing, and supplementation to help your body function properly. The body does not make mistakes; it simply responds to the stressors we put on it-knowingly or unknowingly. Dr. Abby will help you identify and remove those stressors to restore function.

Functional Nutrition Pricing

Initial Consult


During this consult, Dr. Abby will listen to your health journey and suggest testing based on the information gathered. The cost of testing is not included in the consultation fee.

Test Read & Plan of Care


During this consult, Dr. Abby will review your lab results with you and suggest supplementation and lifestyle changes to remove the stressors causing your body interference. Supplement cost is not included in the consultation fee.

Follow Up Consult


These consults serve as an opportunity to check on your progress. During these appointments, Dr. Abby may adjust your supplement schedule or suggest re-testing to check in on the function of your body.

Consultation Bundle

A consultation plan is available, and Dr. Abby will discuss this option with you at your Initial Consult.


Dr. Abby offers Hypnobirthing childbirth education courses. She discovered hypnobirthing during her first pregnancy and has since had three children utilizing the techniques taught in the course. Through this method of relaxation, she was able to experience natural, empowering, pain-free childbirth and wants others to be able to become a mother in this way as well.

Insurance Statement

As a wellness-based practice seeking to provide holistic, nervous system-based care focused on restoring function, we are not enrolled as a provider with any insurance companies. This includes Medicare. If you are currently a Medicare Beneficiary or eligible for Medicare, please find a provider who can accept your benefits.
If your insurance company covers out-of-network chiropractic care for wellness care and you are not a Medicare beneficiary, you can self-submit your receipts to your insurance company for reimbursement or choose to use an HSA or FSA card to pay for your visits.

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